Class-8th (General Knowledge) Olympiad - CANGO

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Q.1 Mycology is the study of:

  • (a) Fungi
  • (b) Lichens
  • (c) Ferns
  • (d) Insects

Q.2 Which of the following is not a consequence of global warming?

  • (a) Rising sea level
  • (b) Increased agricultural productivity worldwide
  • (c) Worsening health effects
  • (d) Increased storm frequency and intensity

Q.3 An atom consists of three basic sub-atomic particles: electrons, protons and neutrons. Which of them would you not find in the nucleus?

  • (a) Electron
  • (b) Proton
  • (c) Neutron
  • (d) All of these

Q.4 Big Bang theory explains

  • (a) Origin of Universe
  • (b) Origin of Sun
  • (c) Law of Physics
  • (d) None of the above

Q.5 During the freedom struggle Aruna Asaf Ali was a main woman organiser of which of the following underground activities?

  • (a) Non-Cooperation Movement
  • (b) Quit India Movement
  • (c) Swadeshi Movement
  • (d) Civil Disobedience Movement

Q.6 The Indus originates in Tibet at the confluence of Sengge and Gar rivers and flows through India and then through Pakistan to:

  • (a) Indian Ocean
  • (b) Arabian Sea
  • (c) Bay of Bengal
  • (d) Palk Strait

Q.7 What does the term ‘Swan Song’ stand for?

  • (a) A poem about swans
  • (b) A famous poem by a poet
  • (c) The last work of a writer
  • (d) A literary work in praise of birds

Q.8 To which of the following games the terms let, drive, love are related?

  • (a) Chess
  • (b) Basketball
  • (c) Badminton
  • (d) Boxing

Q.9 Which of the following general behaviours and techniques will not help to manage stress?

  • (a) Exercise regularly
  • (b) Maintain daily routine and schedule
  • (c) Talk to caring adults
  • (d) Drink coffee frequently

Q.10 Which of the following Union Territories of India will be best suited for summer vacation, if you choose to visit Kavaratti?

  • (a) Pondicherry
  • (b) Andaman and Nicobar
  • (c) Lakshadweep
  • (d) Diu and Daman

Q.11 Which plateau is triangular in shape whose relief is highly uneven and has Vindhyas and Satpuras as two important ranges?

  • (a) Deccan plateau
  • (b) Peninsular plateau
  • (c) Southern plateau
  • (d) None of these

Q.12 The Israeli PM to visit India in January 2018 was

  • (a) Benjamin Netanyahu
  • (b) Ariel Sharon
  • (c) Menachem Begin
  • (d) Golda Meir.

Q.13 Which historical site has been declared as the SAARC cultural capital for 2018?

  • (a) Bamiyan
  • (b) Dhaka
  • (c) Shilaidaha
  • (d) Thimpu

Q.14 Arrange the given planets according to their size in descending order.

Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mars

  • (a) Saturn > Neptune > Venus > Mars
  • (b) Neptune > Saturn > Mars > Venus
  • (c) Saturn > Venus > Neptune > Mars
  • (d) Neptune > Saturn > Venus > Mars

Q.15 Match column I with column II and select the correct option from the given codes.

Column-I Column-II
(1) A general and continuous rise in prices of things (a) Recession
(2) Things that have earning power or some value to their owner (b) Inflation
(3) A decline in the overall average level of prices (c) Excise duty
(4) A period of slow or negative economic growth usually accompanied by rising unemployment (d) Assets
(5) A tax payable on manufactured goods (e) Deflation
  • (a) 1-(d), 2-(b), 3-(e), 4-(c), 5-(a)
  • (b) 1-(b), 2-(d), 3-(e), 4-(a), 5-(c)
  • (c) 1-(a), 2-(e), 3-(d), 4-(b), 5-(c)
  • (d) 1-(c), 2-(a), 3-(e), 4-(d), 5-(b)