Class-9th (Logical Reasoning) Olympiad - CANLR

Mock Instructions

  • 1. This is Model Question Paper.
  • 2. This is an Online Worksheet.
  • 3. Total Questions-50.
  • 4. Total Time-60 minutes.

Q.1 Instruction

Choose the letter’s group that best represents a relationship similar to the one expressed in the original pair of letter’s groups.

DS : IN :: BK : ?

  • (a) IH
  • (b) JE
  • (c) PM
  • (d) GF

Q.2 Instruction

In the given series, find the next/missing term.

52, 59, 56, 73, 80, ?

  • (a) 86
  • (b) 87
  • (c) 88
  • (d) 90

Q.3 Find the word which is different from others.

  • (a) Bud
  • (b) Branch
  • (c) Root
  • (d) Plant

Q.4 Instruction:

In the following question, insert a letter which completes both the words.

  • (a) K
  • (b) G
  • (c) N
  • (d) P

Q.5 Instructions: complete on the basis of the given information.

  • (a)TEAR
  • (b)EAST
  • (c)STEER
  • (d)BEEP

Q.6 Instruction:

Identify the rule that has been used to fill in the entries of the given matrix and then determine which one of the four given options will replace the question mark.

3 4 24

2 5 ?

5 7 70

  • (a) 25
  • (b) 20
  • (c) 30
  • (d) 36

Q.7 Five friends A, B, C, D and E are sitting in a row in the same order, All except two get up and interchange their seats, A now sits somewhere to the left of D but to the right of E, There are two persons sitting between B and C, Which two persons are sitting on the same seats as before?

  • (a) B, C
  • (b) B, D
  • (c) C, D
  • (d) D, E

Q.8 In a class of 100 students, Shivani’s rank is 37th from the top, What is her rank from the bottom?

  • (a) 64th
  • (b) 63rd
  • (c) 65th
  • (d) 62nd

Q.9 The rotation undergone by the minute hand of a clock as it traverses a distance of 255 min is

  • (a) 810°
  • (b) 1530°
  • (c) 450°
  • (d) 90°

Q.10 Instructions:

In the following question, choose the correct mirror image of the given word/number/alphanumeric/symbol from among the four given alternatives.


  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)R
  • (d)

Q.11 Choose the answer figure which have the same common region represented by the dot as given in the question figure (X).

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)

Q.12 Instruction:

Count the number of lines in the given figure.

  • (a)12
  • (b)13
  • (c)10
  • (d)15

Q.13 Instruction:

Count the number of blocks in the below figure.

  • (a)17
  • (b)16
  • (c)18
  • (d)15

Q.14 Instruction:

What comes next in the series given below?

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)

Q.15 Instruction:

In the following question, which shape completes the pattern of the second pair in the same way as the first pair?

  • (a)
  • (b)
  • (c)
  • (d)