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Steps to prepare for government exams

How to prepare for Government exams/ Steps to prepare for government exams

As per survey report, 75% of youth is struggling for government jobs, and every year, a ton more is added in the list. There are lot of benefits of govt. job including job satisfaction, job security and a good status. Beside of good incentive and high perks in private jobs, still most of the youth prefer to have govt. job as a priority. 30% of private job employees are preparing for the govt. exams. As the year passes, the number of students to fill the forms increases, but the number of vacancies is same, this increases the competition. During the recession period, the worst condition for govt. employee is that his salary for 2-3 months lags behind. But the private employee is thrown out of the job and the one with the lesser salary replaces him.

One of the major problem, students are not able to clear the exams in first attempt is that the exams now a days are conducted online. The student is prepared through old techniques and when he know that he has to give his exam on computer, he loses his confidence, as he has never worked on computer. In some cases the typing speed matters. Some centres even don’t provide or allow the rough paper to solve the question. If a child get stuck in one question, its wastage of his time. He should be knowing the shortcuts to solve a query fast and in case, he is stuck, he should move on next rather than trying again to solve the same.

Steps to prepare for the govt. exam

1) Mind setup: The most important is your mind setup, as you may have to sit for 12-16 hours a day to achieve your goal. It may be that you are not able to clear the exam in first attempt, you don’t have to lose hope, but try hard next time. Hard work pays for sure, but may be a bit late.

2) Knowledge of exam and syllabus: study in depth about the exam syllabus, type of exam, latest notifications, if theres any change in the syllabus. Go through the last year exam papers.

3) Study material: Either join a reputable institute or have the study material from the online portals. There are many online portals available on the web, but choose the most trusted one i.e. “Sarkari Pariksha”. It’s a online portal for all type of government exams, where you can get the latest study material along with the mock tests.

4) Mock tests: Go online and appear for the mock tests, these will let you know your current status. Mock tests conducted by Sarkari Pariksha even let you know the part, you are weak in. It has a time watch that will let you prepare you for the online exam.


If your mid is set, and you have study material according to latest syllabus, just prepare it hard. Improve your skills with mock tests. Go through more and more study material. You will definitely clear the government exams.

All the best for your preparation.